From 2018, Southern Measurement and Testing Center (SMETEST) offers staff calibration, inspection education and training service for enterprises.
Our courses, which are instructed by calibration and measurements professors, guarantee the quality for staff training.


1. Education and training course’s benefits.

* After finishing the course, you can:
- Improve staff’s expertise after 1 course only.
- Use measurement tools precisely and efficiently, minimize making mistakes.
- Conduct measure equipment’s calibration and measurements yourself, therefore saving money.


2. Why you should choose our courses at SMETEST?

- Our company is prestigious and experienced in calibration and measurements.
- Experienced calibration and measurements professors and staff.
- Consistent education and training technique, new techniques updated.
- Curricula are designed based on clients’ demand.
- Theory and practice go hand in hand, on the basis of problem solving in real life situations. Therefore, trainees can easily apply in such cases. 

dich vu dao tao hieu chuan kiem dinh

dich vu dao tao huan luyen kiem dinh tai trung tam smetest

Dich vu dao tao trung tam smetest

If customer need more information about consultant services and certification of management system according to ISO 17025: 2018, please to make one in steps that to be  consulted and to have specific quote as your requirements.  
1.Fill information on tag “Online Registration” on the SMETEST website, we’ve a section manager contact back to consulting for customer.
2. Please call hotline 0973.408.555 and makes a suggestion.
3.Please send requirement and information on mail address or, 
We’ll contact as soon as possible.

0973 408 555