• Dial indicator up to 100mm
  • Linear displacement transducers up to 100mm
  • Vernier calipers up to 1000mm
  • Outside micrometer calipers up to 300mm
  • Bridge Cam Gauge
  • Benkelman beam
  • Roughness tester
  • Precision levels



If customer need more information about consultant services and certification of management system according to ISO 17025: 2018, please to make one in steps that to be  consulted and to have specific quote as your requirements.  
1.Fill information on tag “Online Registration” on the SMETEST website, we’ve a section manager contact back to consulting for customer.
2. Please call hotline
 0973.408.555 and makes a suggestion.
3.Please send requirement and information on mail address 
smetest@ymail.com or info@smetest.vn, 
We’ll contact as soon as possible.


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